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Bodies -    Casting is closed 

Date: September 24th, 6:45pm & 8:45pm
Location: Philadelphia School of Circus Arts

Bodies is a show put on by Watermelon Bathtub Theater Company as a part of this years Philadelphia Fringe Arts Festival. This is a cabaret style circus piece that explores the relationships people have with their body, with emphasis on reducing stigma by showing authentic, relatable, and tangible first person narratives that combine spoken word, audio descriptions, and circus movement. Thematic elements of access are used to broaden the way individual audience members connect to the work. 

Narratives will span the myriad of relationships that people can have with their bodies, the equipment, and the audience. Each narrative can showcase a specific time or a specific relationship, understanding that the way we relate to our bodies changes over time and with various situations. Thematic elements of access are used to broaden the way individual audience members connect to the work. Access includes the incorporation of an American Sign Language interpreter, exploration of the use of audio descriptions, touch tours, and various visual aids. This production will be presented at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts and is apart of the Philadelphia Fringe Arts Festival. 

For this casting call we are looking for:

- Folks who want to just submit a personal story, folks who want to submit and perform their story, and folks who just want to perform another's story. 
- Performers from all movement backgrounds (dance, acrobatics, props, aerials, etc.) 
- Performers who have done 2-3 prior performances
- Have independent access to equipment for performance or will get access to Philadelphia School of Circus Arts space using our buddy system which will be explained if chosen.  
- Ability and skills for independent program development

If you are submitting a story and performing it or just performing please provide a loose description of your movement of choice idea. Your act can be no longer than 5 minutes, music is okay but it cannot have any lyrics.

If you are submitting just a story this will need to be pre recorded spoken word. 

You MUST be able to attend the three required rehearsals:
1. September 8th 9-11pm
2. September 15th 9-11pm
3. September 22nd 9-11pm


There will be two shows on the same evening! Each show is a half hour. The date of the show is September 24th at 6:45pm and 8:45pm at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts. 

The show will be supported via fund raising, and cast members will be expected to send out fundraising emails to support the financial aspects of the show. 

A small stipend will be given to cast members after the show, along with professional photos and video footage. Stipend will be determined based on fundraising amounts. 

Interested? Apply here

Please let us know if the google form is inaccessible in anyway.

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