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Red Flags

Date: Fringe Festival - During September 2023 Dates TBD
Location: TBD - Within the city of Philadelphia

"Red Flags" will premiere as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.  We are looking for folks that want to tell a story about a time when you were engaging in a relationship that had significant power differences (eg, partner being much older than you, partner being your boss, etc).  This is your chance to tell your story and air all of the red flags so that others may see them for themselves in the real world.  This is also your chance to perform some circus revenge-themed acts!


We are looking for folks to tell their own stories and perform their own acts while also being apart of some choreographed pieces.  You will be presenting your story in monologue format.  These stories can be very hard to tell, so please know that we are not asking anyone to trauma dump, and the stories can be serious or humorous, or both.  Please tell your story in whatever way is the most cathartic to you and your mental health!


We are looking for storytellers that have diverse backgrounds and priority will be given to storytellers that are BIPOC, LGTBQIA+, and part of the disability community.  We are looking for all types of circus arts (ground skills, dance, juggling, aerial). Access includes the incorporation of an American Sign Language interpreter, exploration of the use of movement  descriptions, touch tours, and various visual supports. Location of the production is TBD. 

Instagram: @WatermelonBathtub

For this casting call we are looking for:

- Folks who want to just submit a personal story, folks who want to submit and perform their story, and folks who just want to perform another's story.
- Performers from all movement backgrounds (dance, acrobatics, props, aerials, etc.) however we are prioritizing ground acts.
- Performers who have done 2-3 prior performances

- Performers must be comfortable acting/delivering a monologue
- Have independent access to equipment for performance or will get access to Philadelphia School of Circus Arts space using our buddy system which will be explained if chosen.  
- Ability and skills for independent program development

If you are submitting a monologue and performing it or just performing please provide a loose description of your movement of choice idea. Your act can be no longer than 5 minutes, music is okay for your monologue portion but it cannot have any lyrics. However, the rest of the act can have music with lyrics.

If you are submitting just a story this will need to be typed out in monologue format.

You MUST be able to attend the required rehearsals which are TBD- we will communicate these once they are set and will work with your schedule. 

This show runs an hour long.

The show will be supported via fund raising and ticket sales, and cast members will be expected to send out fundraising emails to support the financial aspects of the show as well as promoting the show.

A small stipend will be given to cast members after the show, along with professional photos. Stipend will be determined based on fundraising amounts.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: All stories and/or performance applications must be submitted by April 30th, 2023

Interested? Apply here

Please let us know if the google form is inaccessible in anyway.

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